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Why should you choose us?

This page is an example of a Mini website link.
It's important to note the page load speed on any link you click. 
Our Exclusive QNow™ Technology opens the doors and allows you to do what you need.

And best of all, we give you log-in rights to control What you need, When you need it, and As Often as needed.

Your Business

Perhaps ayou need your Menu or updated hours.

Maybe you need to show some Specials.

Frankly, the Gloves are Off. Finally there is a way for you to showcase what you do and how you do it, not just show the typical Who, What, Where you see in boring websites that don't load well on mobile.

And the best part, customers can save it to their home screen with one click or share with their friends with another click.

Did you pick up on some Exclusives?

Here are just a few:

  • Note the Page Load Speed. This is critical.
  • Can instantly Translate to ANY language on Any Device.
  • ADA Compliant, a rare but critical component.
  • Works even in Poor Internet Connected areas.
  • Pretty much works anywhere there is a Cellular Signal.
  • Requires No Download or Installation, it's already on their phone.
  • It makes their Smart Phone SMARTER.
  • Customers can Save to their home screen with One Click.
  • Customers can share with One click.
  • The # of Users does not affect load speed.
  • Google's technology brings some Incredible Enhancements.
  • Infinitely Flexible and customizable to YOUR needs.
  • Can even have different links for different groups of people, i.e. a school.
    Have one link for Parents, one for Faculty, one for Students, etc.
  • Special Events: Give event attendees a Unique Experience throughout.

    The Uses are only limited by your imagination because Qnow™ has removed the barriers associated with typical QR Codes.

Consider this.

Mobile Marketing  is it for you?