Is Your Business CLICKABLE?

Your website may be but what about your business?
Can folks Point their phones and Click to get your information?

Or do you make them type a long web address, use search engines or keep trying till they give up?

Imagine you had links in your business that folks could click to get what they wanted...NOW.

They just point their camera phone, click, and take a tour, watch a video, get more information about a product or event, or anything you need to convey. 

They can click from across the street or even off a highway billboard and the information pops up instantly.

When you clicked to get here, did you notice the page load speeds even if you don't have a great internet connection? This is Exclusive, Cutting Edge Technology.

Qnow™, the evolution of QR Codes.
We make your world Clickable, INSTANTLY.

As a Business Owner you need to understand that your ability to succeed depends upon how quickly and accurately you can get your message to the user. The days of blasting out information have ended. All those Location Based advertising companies are in serious trouble right now because of the latest phone update from Apple, and soon Android.

See this Important Alert on the link above.

The Evolution of QR

QR Codes have been around for awhile but their use has been limited by many factors.
Qnow™ is the evolution of QRcodes and takes everything to the next level.

Load Speed

Our benchmark load speed is <2 sec. Prove it to yourself. Close out, clear your cache, turn off your Wi-Fi and try again. Qnow™ takes users phones to a new level of speed and accessibility.

ADA Compliant

Folks, this is a big one and it's getting bigger by the day. You might want to do a little research on this topic.


With One Click, your visitors see the information in their language, virtually Any language, and translation occurs on any device. And unlike other systems, this process is also Instant and it works on Mobile Devices or PC's.


When you eliminate the typical barriers, Customers Engage. Our system makes your world Clickable, and that means from anywhere. They see your link on the side of a vehicle, on a billboard, on a counter, on a sign at the matter where or when, they just Point - Click - Bingo.

Make your Business Clickable!


Folks just Point and Click.

Engage Them

They are already looking to engage.
Are you accommodating them?

No downloads

It's already on their phone, no download needed.

FREE No Gimmicks
Free Listing Customers Find You

If this graphic interests you check out the link.
You just may like what you find.

What makes Qnow™ and ScanOfTheDay™ work?

Time to Make your Business CLICKABLE?

"You either Engage them on Their Device or Push them Away...
There is No Middle Ground."

Join the world of TouchlessMarketing™.

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