Cater to Your Customer

The One Device Always on,
Always With them.


Your customers are looking for more ways to do More Things on their Smart Phones.
Why not let them conduct all their business with you that way?

Work with them...

Why not let them use it to Find you, find What they need in your location whether they are in your building or not, and then purchase with a few clicks to have it delivered or to pick it up?

This involves a few different products.

Build an Enhanced, Customer Centric eCommerce Site

Our affiliation with appVOLV™ means you can do this for a FRACTION of what you would normally pay, especially through a Webmaster.

You can do this and You have ALL the Control.


Finding You

Finding you is part of it and that will happen through three different products we have already mentioned.
But what happens AFTER they find you is Critical.


What they Want

Since you are giving them What they want, When and Where they want it, you need to make it easy for them to ACT.
they will soon become accustomed to your V.I.P. treatment and they will become more receptive.



Virtual Shopping

When you combine Virtual and Augmented reality with all this, including GooMAPS™, GooPLUS™ and CloserDeals™, and tie it together with In-App Pay, you literally have a customer who shops on Auto-Pilot. They also become a third marketing arm of your business because they WILL tell their friends.